We didn't jump on the alcohol-free bandwagon …
We pioneered it!

Since 1984, Oxyfresh dental professionals just like you have turned to our proprietary and patented formulas for safe and effective dental oral care, and that's made us a trusted industry leader. With Oxyfresh by your side, you have a proven system that gives your patients the exceptional clinical experience they need and want.

What is the Oxyfresh difference?

Oxygene® – the ultimate eliminator of odors, is a powerful, non-toxic ingredient found in Oxyfresh's revolutionary bad breath fighting products. Nobody else has it! Oxygene® is Oxyfresh's registered name for the exclusive proprietary ingredient that safely and completely destroys odors at their source. → Read the entire story

We offer:

  • Clinically proven breath management
  • Tested and proven to show remarkably low abrasion rates
  • Sodium chlorite and zinc formulas to reduce the harmful effects of VSCs
  • Xylitol to add extra caries protection and reduce biofilm plaque
  • Gentle formulas to protect tissues and preserve cosmetic dentistry
  • Fluoride and fluoride-free options
  • Sugar-free, aspartame-free and saccharine-free.
  • Drug-free, dye-free and alcohol-free products to provide safe choices for
    every age
  • No harsh burning sensation, which can be harmful to tissues
  • Safe ingredients to compliment whitening and long-term periodontal
  • Exclusivity – allows for professional guidance and instruction
  • Completely customized products for a wide range of needs

When you choose Oxyfresh, you choose complete home care that delivers confidence and results so you can provide quality service and care with every treatment plan.

Discover the Oxyfresh difference today!